Uncover The Truth-2

Uncover The Truth-2   

Many Traditions observed now, were brought into the 'Church' in the early days of Christian practice:  the Winter Solstice became ‘Christmas”;  The use of Easter  eggs was formed by the Middle Age European worship of Eastra, as well as a practice started by the British in 1290 AD by Edward 1    (Just another point, Messiah was Not born on December 25th,  (Again human  'Tradition'  uses the Roman/Grecian Winter Solstice, over riding Truth)     Scripture itself shows otherwise, as the Shepherds were in the field’s watching over their flocks.  LUKE 2:8  (A different time of the year) and more evidence is found through traditional Jewish Feasts and customs.  If you are truly interested, dive into some rewarding study, look up these things yourself, and realize so-called Religious 'Traditional' ritual; has often changed some facts in several directions.  iT IS NOT my intention or position to do all the work of investigation.  (Your beliefs are built on your own initiative and action)


1 John 2:2 __''Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you''

                             Isaiah 43:11“I, even I, am the YAHVAH                                     Lord,
                             And there is no savior besides Me. 

                             Hosea 13:4
                             Yet I have been the L-rd your G-d
                              Since the land of Egypt;
                              And you were not to know any g-d except                                Me,
                              For there is no savior besides Me.



 NIV JOHN !4:7  ""If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

Read  PLEASE; The  Almighty was YHVH-(G-D) Come in Flesh  (1 Timothy 3:16  Luke 24:39)   He was not a 'Greek or of Latin' heritage.   ( The letter ‘J’ was never in the Ancient Hebrew Alpha-beit. The letter "J" was not used in the English language until around the 1600’s. The old  King James Version of the Bible of 1611, used the Name “IESOUS”   not  ‘Jesus’, as did some other Bibles  in Europe. King James  later just rendered that name "IESOUS" directly into the English Translation  of 'Jesus'.

  It may shock you to learn that the graphic above which shows the Ancient PALEO Name of the Almighty FATHER, was found in EGYPT  dated many more years before the SEMITIC Hebrew use of this name. Whether or not it extends to the time of the "Slaves" in Egypt, before Moses brought out the people, seems unclear, yet the Inscriptions in the Hieroglyphics, of EGYPT SHOW the age of these Inscriptions to be thousands of years old, even before the time of Moses?.  (Study to show thyself approved  2 Timothy 2:15)     (THIS WRITER SAYS YES, THE NAME ALWAYS WAS WITH THE HEAVENLY FATHER, BECAUSE HE NEVER CHANGES__MALACHI 3:6--""“For I YAH  (the L-rd) do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.''  JAMES 1:17--''Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.   HEBREWS 13:8--''YAHSHUA MESSIAH  is the same yesterday and today and forever.



You don’t have to take my word for it,  Research for  yourself,  dig deep into some good reliable literature and look at the old Bible texts. There is even some evidence still online.  Do so now, before  it all disappears.. The foreword in some Bibles will tell you the Names were often exchanged for “TITLES”   In some cases many so revered the Name, they refused to speak it, and created new words to replace the Names already given; a practice NOT taught by Scripture     Spelling TITLES WITH CAPITOL LETTERS DO NOT CHANGE THE MEANING OF THE WORDS !


Regardless, of any argument, there are dozens of verses in the Bible telling us to “”CALL upon His Name””, NOT substitutions, not 'titles".   Even though several books were removed from the Bible years ago, the part that referred to the Name remains secure.  Exodus 3:15    Acts 4:12   In all old writings and Books, the Names were there. (Thank goodness a few people around the world and on YOUTUBE are using the real Names in Scripture today,   however some are using the more modern letter "W" in the Name, (Adopted  from the Phoenician language) instead of the ancient "V" that was used in the original Tetragrammaton.)

Regardless of changes,  the Fact remains, The Gospel is still INTACT, and  we are to “”Call upon HIS NAME”   He told us, in a fully direct statement, “He came in His FATHER'S NAME ``_ John 5:43, and the Father's name  was/is __The HebrewTetragrammaton, "YHVH"    YHVH, come in the flesh. ( 1 John 4:2   John 1:14  Matthew 1:23 )     I think we all can agree   His Father’s Name was NOT ‘Jesus’. .Messiah’s name never was ‘Jesus, nor can ever be,  'Jesus'…  The Son's name was/is Y'SHUA  meaning  "YAH_is Salvation"   I say it again....The Messiah's NAME IS Y'SHUA (YAH-SHUA)!  MATTHEW 1:23

(Constantine_325 AD. certainly played a part of 'Truth" deception, when he corrupted the Person of the "FATHER; THE 'G-D' head"  by the mix of Trinitarianism, that was brought before the Emperor,  by some 'Philosopher' from Alexandria, (Voted on by Constantine and a few Bishops of his Community, at the Council of Nicea, July 25, 325 AD (who were pressured to accept, 'by gifts and funds', this new thought Never in the original texts) and he also changed the Rest Day from the Jewish Sabbath, to ”Sun”-Day”   ....as the Romans worshipped their Son god  Baccus/Jupiter on that day. Nowhere in Scripture were we told to change the Sabbath. This was A HUMAN'S DECICISION.

NOW before us another argument arises,  just because the addition of Trinitarianism came about, (the Emperor of Rome bending to Philosophers of Alexandria) it does NOT in any way negate the Work of the Holy Spirit, in the lives of Believers.   Trinitarianism has added this extra teaching of A Third 'personage', a teaching not found in the early copies of writings or by the authors of our New Testament.  Changes are Documented by Historical proof of what Constantine, a  Roman Emperor at the Council of Nicea July 25, 325 AD  had proclaimed and BISHOPS OF 381 AD;  who made rules of the Christian Faith. (Even though it was known Constantine was a pagan, he was not a Christian, until his supposed deathbed Baptism__letters turned up years later which men have used to try and prove he was a Christian, but as the old saying goes, '''actions speak louder than words;  his changes to the Creeds of Faith are documented evidence, and the blood of innocents are on his hands"") 

When the Savior spoke of baptizing new believers in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, He was not speaking of water baptism. but  of Conversion, and even the Aramaic writera did not yield to the ""Person"" of the Holy Spirit""   It looks like it should have been written, and most likely was; in the original  Baptising in the Name of the Father, Savior and IN the Holy Spirit.. The Apostles and Disciples never, used the words of the 'Three' in water baptism.  They only water baptized into the name of_YHVH .Examples are given several times in Scripture  _Matthew 28:19     Acts 2:38    Acts 10:48   Acts 19:5  the illegitimate  Trinitarianism is what changed this practice of using_ the words,  name of the Father, name of the Son and name of the Holy Spirit;  in water Baptism. Having been set in place within the Creeds  and Doctrines of the Bishops and Corrupt Roman Emperors.  (A study into the Greek History is valuable)       Y'shua had authority  (Matthew 28:18) to draw new believers into the name of the Father, Savior (and more precisely) presence of The Holy Spirit,  and He gave authority to the Apostles and Disciples. to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, and  drive out demons.     Luke 9 and 10

The Father was/is often referred to with the first 3 letters  “YAH”___ (YHVH) even if some do not use the  4 Consonants,  The proper pronunciation- spelling in our language (that we can know of)  seems to be YaHVaH; going back to the Masoretes who inserted the silent "Aleph" inbetween the consonants YH and VH (The Aleph  also having strong meanings of its own, including the number 1) Do you Know that every "Breath we take and expel, speaks of YAH?    (Yahuah spelling by some, Yahweh by others. (However no "W", was ever a part of the Paleo Ancient Hebrew letters)  The earliest Paleo Ancients all held to the Consonant letters of ‘YHVH”  and we will also, as its the earliest pure form known,  (THE ANCIENT  HEBREW TETRAGRAMATON).   We feel more added letters and vowels to either the Father's  or the Savior's Name, only corrupts their Holy Name. However let us all prayerfully be convicted and our Hearts intent be pure, as we use the Names

 The name 'Jehovah' cannot be the Fathers Name, again the letter "J" was never used by the Ancient Hebrews (and by the way, was not used in the English language until around the 1600's) also the Ancients did not add 'extra vowels' to this Holy Name. The letter 'a' was added at a later time, to YHVH=YaHVaH; as a 'silent  vowel point' to help with pronunciation in languages.

 We are most thankful, important things  in Scripture were left intact and followed through, so with study, and ''''comparison of Scriptures''',  both Old and  New;  there is much Truth to be found.  All the basics are there, that we need to know.  But we must awaken to truth and leave the ""Traditions behind"". Back to  Sola-Scripture.

A great Injustice occurred, when books were removed, from the original Collection.  But the Gospel was still preserved By the Father YHVH.  

The Almighty  Prophesied many times of the "falling away from HIS teachings and true Beliefs".  that would come.   However  Thankfully to YHVH vital facts are still in the Scruptures.  The Almighty Father Creator impacted, protected, guided and made sure important parts of Scriptures were left untouched.  Especially the basics of "WHO" our Creator is, and of HIS Coming to Earth.  The old writings and Old Testament PROVE this, Many more have been discovered and unearthed. showing us the Evidence.

Please see the Truth Dear People