ONly a Taste of His Glory


Only A Taste of His Glory

To all those out there struggling with life, may you be Blessed in knowing one day, all such struggles will cease.

The love we feel in this life is really  nothing in comparison,--= but just for a moment, think of the greatest feeling of 'love'  we have ever experienced;  of family, of our sweethearts:   it is Nothing in comparison to the love of Messiah for us.  All that we have and enjoy here on this Earth is "Nothing'',  in comparison to HIS HONOR; GLORY and Majesty. His Love is an all consuming Love, an all consuming Mercy, Grace and Kindness. Nothing else on this earth can compare with it, Nothing at all.

This earth will one day pass away, and we will see none of it, from the portals of Heaven. The earth will be like  a night time, when all ''lights'' go out, all memories of the earth and its sadness will be gone.   All we will see is the ""Light of The Glory" of Messiah surrounding us.  That Light will over-run everything else, that Light will keep us Enthralled, it will keep us Focused on nothing else but His Majesty and Honor; His Glory will be so overwhelming, we will lay at His feet, helpless, only able to keep ''Praising His Holy Name over and over'', thanking Him that He saved our soul. 

  For Eons of time, we will be experiencing more and more of the depth of His Marvelous Grace, More of His Great Love,  more of   HIS TRUTH--MORE OF who He is.  We will learn more of HIS Greatness, More of His Majesty, more of His Glory and more of His expansive  Eternal  Elements.  We will spend Eternity Learning of the rest of His Universe, of the Expanse of His Kingdom  ALL of our questions will be answered, all of the SPIRITUAL education we desire  will be filled. 

No need for anything.  No need for sleep food or rest;  His Energy and LOVE   will have filled our being with ''LIFE" from HIS very PRESENCE.  No pain or discomfort, only Peace, Contentment and Joy.  No Sorrow, Mourning or Discouragement. No Depression, No Sickness of any kind, and no Physical Disabilities.  The Tree of Life and other Great Blessings will be there, and the leaves of the Trees by the Rivers of Living Waters are there for the healing of the Nations.. 

We will be able to eat and drink, whatever we wish, but will not desire anything that could separate us from the Almighty, even for the few seconds of time. But of course  it will be known, that all 'times' will cease.  No need for clock's or time-keeping.  All those Earthly things are of no use there.

All living Creatures will be in His Kingdom, no fear exists in  His Realm, so even children can walk along or play with any  creatures they so choose.  Nothing will harm them in any way.  And Nothing will harm the people of Messiah's Kingdom. All those threatening devices or People do not exist here. 

The Expanse of His Kingdom knows no end, and no limitations.  It is truly Eternal and Magnificient to behold.  Of couse everyones 'Eyes' will be healthy  and will be able to see so much more than we were able to on Earth. But no one will remember the former days of Earthly Life with its pain and cruel heartaches. All that will be gone and the tears wiped from our eyes. 

The experiences of Hell will be completely opposite. Of such magnatude, there will be great crying, and suffering WHEN PEOPLE SEE that the Almighty is real...that HE LIVES, HE IS ETERNAL.  Some will be in the ''Lake of Fires", some in Pits of Torment by the Demons and their Angels. An Eternal punishment that can never be undone, just because they rejected the Heavenly Father and Messiah.  We still have time to repent   and LET THE HOLY SPIRIT change our stubborn minds and  COLD  hearts.  May we do so without hesitation. 

Love to all---I pray everyone makes the right decision.

In Humble Obedience