The Almighty Created  us--His abundant Life resides in us. The boundless energy of this All-Knowing Eternal Creator, is where we get our Energy, the daily strength, to function, to heal, to overcome all obstacles, to ‘rise above’ the injustice of this life--  to:   ‘With Stand, and having done all, to Stand”. Ephesians 6:13-14  

His all encompassing Presence is Life to everyone.  

We should have Life as it could be lived, with Honor to the Almighty  as IT WAS MEANT TO BE  , WITH THE ETERNAL FATHER providing all of our Spiritual UNDERSTANDING,  MADE POSSIBLE BY  allowing HIM to have full reign of our being, and as we hold to HIS direction, which HE does give, in so many miraculous ways. (This does not mean, life gets easier,  the closer you get to "Glory", the more things get stirred up, look at the Disciples and Apostles and heroes of the the  early Believers)

 Life is so much less complicated, however,  with The Almighty  Father at the helm, less need for worry, and excessive concern,  or fighting to come up with solutions. The Almighty paves the way, the journey is laid out, He walks beside us, in front of us, and is at our back, when the waves and forces of this life come at us, in negativity, trials or testing's of our Faith.

HE never leaves us, or forsakes us, even when we make the wrong decisions, or veer off into other directions for a short  period of time. He is faithful, and never interferes with our ‘freewill'. HE does not want robots, nor tin soldiers, He simply wants our willing and voluntary devotion- to allow HIM to BE, the Provider, the “Source” of our strength, the Foundation of our Life, our  'ALL IN ALL'.   Again, HE never leaves us, or forsakes us  . Deuteronomy 31:6           


                 BUT MANY HAVE LEFT HIM, HIS WORD, His Ways,

           Many have lost their  FIRST LOVE , and their ALLEGIANCE TO THE Almighty Father

Instead of going into A Church to seek HIS FACE, some  go in to get the 'feel good vibe',  or  to just concentrate on Fellowship with the Congregation, and leave HIM in the back row, lonely, waiting for HIS Flock, to gather at HIS feet!   

He has become the loneliest Being of this world   and its Univerae--, while His lost sheep  gather all they can, and look for more ways to entertain themselves. You say to me, you are being too hard on the  so called 'Church'.

What other way, can you approach the Truth, to AWAKEN and shake up the sleeping LOST Church!   Zephaniah 3, prophesied of this time period, when Spiritual Zion  would fall into reproach,  _they would 'lose their First Love'_ Revelation 2:4, we see even though they had many good 'works" they were 'fallen', because they had lost their First love, and no longer spent  quality time with The Almighty Father, KEPT HIS COMMANDS;  nor guarded or defended His Word, His Presence and  HIS Holiness.   **Most people we do not know about, but true seekers cannot ignore this warning, this is a REAL 'Scriptural Issue', of this day and time, not  'judgmental rhetoric.' Read it for yourself !

One can really see the extent of demise, by what THE SAVIOR said.  It is a fact, when you lose love for someone, the care, the respect, the interest in that individual is gone. When the Almighty, said those words, (Revelation 2:4)  it was a  -**scathing denouncement.

REVELATION 2:4-5--''Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.  5-Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except th

 Romans 8:16–17 “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our Spirit, that we are the children of YHVH…(G-D)( more)

THE SAVIOR   Himself spoke, that He was Creator) COME IN  FLESH_1 TIMOTHY 3:16 )  and those who heard that blasphemed HIM, they just did NOT GET IT !   Neither do we, really !!   

  HE CAME in the FLESH so man on this earth could see HIM physically, hear HIM, TOUCH HIM,  and be near to HIM __There was no other way. Out of great Love for His people,  He gave HIS LIFE to Redeem mankind _ Do you comprehend the price HE paid for all of us?  Do you understand the Cost of Redemption?   Please think on these things. His Love is so wondrous  -- and so full.